Open All Hours? - Licensing Aid


Open All Hours? is a network of civic societies and community organisations, which represents the interests of residents' and amenity groups in relation to the reform of the licensing laws.

The group is supported by the Institute of Alcohol Studies, and Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement.


This Licensing Aid website has been put together to explain how the Licensing Act 2003 works from the perspective of the residents and businesses who live and work alongside licensed premises. In the jargon of the Act these are the ‘interested parties’.


It aims to explain the main elements of the Act and how to make your voice heard effectively in decisions about licensed premises.


The site has been compiled with the help of members of Open All Hours? a network of residents associations interested in licensing issues across England, and the technical support of the Institute of Alcohol Studies.

This is not a site complied by lawyers and if there are detailed legal matters you need help on you should take proper legal advice.


We have done our best to make sure the information provided is accurate and reliable but we cannot accept any liability for errors or omissions.

The 2003 Licensing Act

It is not possible for this site to be a comprehensive summary of the Act, the Ministerial Guidance or the Regulations that accompany it.


These can be downloaded from the DCMS website.

Latest News

Coalition government consults on reform of Licensing Act

Proposals for tough new measures to crack down on problem premises and more powers for local communities to influence licensing decisions were unveiled by the government.